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Inventory Control

Sage inventory control

Your Challenge
If you’re like many shop floor controllers or production managers, you spend a great deal of time
trying to get a handle on inventory carrying costs while trying not to impact product shipping
guarantees. Effective stock management requires detailed analysis of what to order, when to
order it, and where to stock it. Not to mention tracking physical inventory, returns, and detailed
information on the items you carry. Currently, you are trying to manage inventory manually or in
an unintegrated system. You are juggling a variety of spreadsheets while spending too much
time on manual reporting and communications. Costs are spiraling out of control, while customer
satisfaction is suffering, and you are losing customers to competitors.

Your Solution
Sage  ERP Inventory Control makes it easy for you to get control
on the critical job of monitoring your inventory. With easily accessible information, you can make
better business decisions about what merchandise to stock, how to price it, what to discontinue,
and follow trends to determine what to market. Analyzing your inventory history gives you new
flexibility to plan special pricing. All information for profitability planning and product trend analysis
is readily available. Your operations will be significantly more efficient, helping boost profits, and
customer service will improve dramatically, too.

The Bottom Line
With Sage ERP , you get efficient and effective inventory management
without breaking your IT budget, straining your internal resources, or compromising on
functionality. With the automated tracking, costing, and reporting—and the cost benefits of
dramatically streamlined processes—you will have the insight you need to control costs and
boost profits.

Powerful Inventory Control
Take control of supply chain management and
improve customer satisfaction while cutting
costs, delivering more products on time,
and optimizing your stock levels.

Comprehensive Reports and Inquiries
Easily accessible reports and drill-downs
provide detailed, summary, and exception
reports to exceed inventory management

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