Sage Inventory Control and Management

Reduce inventory theft and make better inventory decision.

Sage inventory control

The key to an efficient and profitable business is total visibility into the inventory process from start to finish and management tools to help you maintain optimal stock levels year-round.For most manufacturers, knowing the precise inventory they have on hand the accurate products and where they are warehoused is vital. Fortified with this data, businesses frequently can make modifications to satisfy customers, move unwanted or out-of-date finished goods before they become a loss and take steps to avoid product shortages.

An effective inventory management system helps you streamline all the moving parts of your warehouse: From recommending optimal stock levels all the way to keeping your supply chain organized and running smoothly.

Factors that leads to poor inventory control and management
Late Planning

Inventory slips out of control when old products are not moving fast enough, or when seasonal fluctuations in demand fail to meet inventory predictions. Most inventory managers plan their inventory, but the best managers plan ahead and with precision. With a forecasting tool for small business planning your inventory a year ahead of time becomes a less daunting idea. Drawing on your steady build-up of data, you can then fine-tune your inventory plans at the end of each successive quarter

Poor Tracking

Manual tracking methods are time-consuming and prone to errors. Computerized tracking isn’t perfect, either – some systems are slower than others and require more staff to operate effectively. What’s more, some systems may come with hardware limitations that make them usable only on certain platforms. It’s crucial to understand that a cloud inventory management software for small business needs an adequate inventory tracking solution to streamline your inventory control.

Overstocking Discounted Products   

Small businesses usually enjoy making bulk purchases or taking advantage of any special offers suppliers have available. These offers, however, can be misleading. If these items won’t move fast enough, the cost of carrying them may actually exceed any profits. The problem is that if your inventory control system isn’t advanced enough, it can be hard to track the cost of carrying products over time. If they are not carefully categorized, they can get lost in a mass of other products.

Neglected Trends

Customer trends are today easily influenced by social media and the Internet. In industries such as technology, beauty & health, or fashion, trends can shift almost overnight. If inventory control takes a good portion of your time, you won’t have enough time left to monitor industry trends. That’s why any inventory control business intelligence software that can automate repetitive inventory tasks can make it easier for you to keep up with the latest trends.

Limited Access to Inventory Control

You may think that keeping a tight rein on your inventory improves control, but that is not always the case. Your employees in the store can benefit from having quick access to the inventory. They can tell customers when to expect products that are not available, jot down stock notes, optimize order purchases, and more. Choose a cloud inventory management software for small business that allows for other users to view inventory data in real time.

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