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So you operate a small or large business, and have to do marketing and make sales ?

Maybe you already make sales, and have a good number of customers at hand, BUT YOU WANT MORE CUSTOMERS, right ?. More customers = more sales = more cash flow

What if your business doesn’t need sales?, but it involves people right ?

What about backing your company storage data online ?. You do realize that paper storage can go missing, and device storage can get full. What will you do then?

How about some unlimited backup storage of all your personal and company’s data ? Or a single tool to optimize marketing, quicken sales, automate delivery, compare results and do lots for customer satisfaction and business operations ?

Sounds great. I know

Well, if you find yourself in any of these categories, or are unsure, just keep reading, there’s definitely something here for you. The tools about to be shared are very versatile, for formal/informal organizations, especially during this lockdown.

I’d like to introduce;

  1. Microsoft Dynamics
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Microsoft Office 365
  4. Microsoft teams

You probably have heard about some of these before, but trust me, you haven’t heard some extra tips I’m about to share on them. This week, I will share why and how to use them, and in my next post, I will give you details on how to unlock several untapped benefits on using one or all of these products. Subscribe to this blog, and visit often, so as not to miss out.

Ready, let’s go

Dynamics for CRM (customer relationship management)
Dynamics for CRM (customer relationship management)

Dynamics 365 is a CRM business tool that uses the latest technology such as Artificial intelligence (AI) to run your business and deliver results faster and more conveniently through AI driven insights.

What this simply means is that, in this tool, are applications that enable to view all your business angles in one, and allows you to;

  • Make decisions faster based on provided market trends
  • Turn prospects to leads (complete sales)
  • Connect and resolve customer issues before they occur
  • Optimize your business growth, and exceed your customer expectations

How cool is that ?

The beauty of this tool is that it includes a marketing and sales hub, where you can easily automate responses and content, and schedule and deliver products as and when you see fit. 

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics in a nutshell
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics in a nutshell

Now, as a business owner, you don’t need to chase one customer one after the other, you can specially target a lot of them at once, and with a higher possibility of success.

As an organization leader, you can easily organize your members’ portfolio and improve collaborative work, even in the middle of the lockdown. Start by visiting Lagetronix Nig Ltd. 


Azure, in clear terms, provides online storage services. What this means is that you do not have to worry about stacking paper sheets on shelves and risking loss or destruction(fire hazards, decay etc.), and that you do not risk a loss of mobile device for storage.

Cloud (online) based storage with Microsoft Azure
Cloud (online) based storage with Microsoft Azure

With Azure, you are sure of an automatic business document back up system through their cloud (online) services, and nothing ever goes missing, and can be accessed by you and your team anywhere in the world, using any device. 

All you need do is, create an account by contacting our service provider at Lagetronix Nig. Ltd, and beginning the backup process for all your new and previously existing files or data, for your business or organizations. 

You can get a lot of storage space, no matter the amount of files you want to back up, and other services include;

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • E-commerce (for online sales)
  • High performance computing
  • Serverless computing (find more details at Microsoft Partner, Lagetronix Nig. Ltd, or read our next blog publication)
  • Business Saas Applications (read our next blog post).
Anywhere, any time, on any device, with Microsoft Azure
Anywhere, any time, on any device, with Microsoft Azure

It does not matter what industry you operate, whether government, financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare or energy (and more), cloud services are the future. Infact, this current blog post operates on such services, haha !


Thinking of having complete control of all your documents, videos, spreadsheets, emails, even power tools (MS-WORD, MS-PowerPoint, etc), in one ?.

Microsoft Office 365 for documentation, and storage

That’s what Microsoft Office gives you; ACCESS and CONVENIENCE.

In MICROSOFT OFFICE, you can easily toggle and move files between spaces and connect with DYNAMICS to automate customer responses, and finally back them all up on AZURE. 

Sounds incredibly convenient.

These three tools combined, are the FANTASTIC 3 of modern business services !.

And what’s better, Lagetronix Nig. Ltd is here to help you set them all up, leaving you no stress. You can even book a demonstration session as well.

Everything MS office 365 contains (PowerPoint, Excel, MS-word, Outlook, MS-teams,e.t.c) Learn more at Lagetronix Nig. Ltd
Everything MS office 365 contains (PowerPoint, Excel, MS-word, Outlook, MS-teams, e.t.c) Learn more at Lagetronix Nig. Ltd


I personally decided to chip this in, even though it is contained in Microsoft Office 365, because of the amazing and convenient features for video conferencing, and how well it stands out from others.

Microsoft teams for video conferencing
Microsoft teams for video conferencing

Microsoft Teams provides a space for video collaboration in real time (live). The benefits over other similar platforms are especially unique in terms of;

  • Formality for work
  • User experience and User interface (UI/UX)
  • Allows lots of users at a time

You can always schedule a live meetup with your potential customer, and gain their trust, which will help improve sales, especially during this lockdown

Share and interact live with MS teams
Share and interact live with MS teams

In summary, with these four tools, your business and organization can ;

  • Work better together, across geographical boundaries
  • Build your businesses
  • Safeguard your data
  • Simplify processes and automation
  • And most importantly, get the 100% full backup of the largest software corporation in the World, Microsoft

To get started on any of these products, Lagetronix Nig. Ltd (contact our Microsoft certified partner company):


or call (+234) 802 290 7805, or email us info@lagetronix.com

In our next blog post, we’ll be going into some special benefits you can unlock using these products. Till then, stay safe…AND WEAR A FACE MASK !

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