School Management System

Managing school is a challenge for the school administrator. Technology and internet will help you complete your time consuming jobs quite faster with higher accuracy level. Diverse software are available now to help with essential functioning and running of a school. A perfect school management system software accommodates as many tools as required to manage and perform the routine work much quicker and easier.

A school management system is a software that is meant to make the whole administration process efficient in an educational institution. All the relevant information of the students, parents, and employees are entered and stored in a cloud-based solution. It cuts down your duties. It employs a systematic method to execute tasks which deletes all sorts of delay. This software for schools can also be called an ERP aka Enterprise Resource Planning which utilizes technology to handle the management part. It is overloaded with a lot of features for multiple purposes. It benefits all the sections of the school. Period.

Let’s point out the few significant benefits of this school ERP software.

Attendance Record Just in A Few Clicks

Recording and reviewing students’ attendance record is just one of the main features of school management system. The system allows you to create various attendance report per class, student, gender, and many other variables for the whole term.

Moreover, this system is equipped with SMS feature that can notify parents if their children is absent. It will make the students think twice to skip a class.

Using pen and paper for attendance record is so last season!

Easy Homework Management

In this platform, students can download, upload, complete the assignments, notes, and their projects. It is possible because the system is meant to be accessed by everyone who needs a streamline interaction.

Customization and integration are available in this system. Therefore, students can experience integration of color, pictures, videos, or other attachments. In addition, students also can easily refer to old documents.

Better Exam Management

One of the many features that makes this system important is how it can help manage exam. We know that there are schools who prefer essay exam format to multiple choice. Whatever it is, school management system must be able to accommodate this requirement.

Teachers can hold the exams within the platform or outside the platform. If the exams is not in the system, teachers can grade and post the result in the  system. It also provides report generation which calculate all aspects of grading automatically.

The system stores everything in one data base which can be viewed by the parents as well.

Effortless Fee Payment

In the beginning of the semester, usually, the bank is packed with parents or students who queue to get a turn to pay the school tuition. Luckily, the system already provides a platform to do the payment online.

This is a very effective method because it minimizes late fee issues, thanks to the SMS feature that sends update about fees that have not been paid.

Effective Communication

This system have a feature that connects parents, students, teacher, and school admins. Blasting SMS, emails, or specific notification regarding the activities in the school is not a burden. The information about recipients is already stored in the system so you don’t need to input it manually.

Track School Vehicle

School usually owns a vehicle such as buses or cars to transport students to and from school or school-related activities.

The system allows you to monitor the route of the vehicle, the odometer, even schedule maintenance for the vehicle. With a guaranteed supervision of the vehicle, school staffs can easily manage it and adds parent’s confidence in the school because their children’s safety is a part of the school management regulation.

Help Students Admission

School management is important because it also helps the school to manage the students admission by managing the prospective students data and reduce the use of paper.

The students have their personal information and their academic records in the future in one data base. They can access it any time, even after they graduate. Additionally, the system minimizes mistakes due to human error, lost or duplicated documents.

Parents Can Access It Too

The school management system connects school and parents directly. It informs the parents the development and students’ learning progress because parents won’t have time to gradually check their kids’ progress in the school.

This information is available at any time, from the students’ performance to their on-going projects. So, parents and school share the same responsibility in educating their children.

Efficient Staff Management

This system effectively and fluidly manage staffs and their tasks. It includes the attendance management, salary and compensation calculation, leaves management, and many more.

It also enables the management to pay the staffs’ salary within the system just in a few clicks.

Workable Inventory Management

The school management system is important because it streamlines school administration with its feature. If you already use one, make sure that you have obtained the functions mentioned above.



The school management system is important because it streamlines school administration with its feature. If you already use one, make sure that you have obtained the functions mentioned above.

However, if you are not satisfied with your current system, you can get a free demo for school management system by Educ8e to see how our system works.