Electronic Revenue Tax Management System

Electronic Revenue Tax Management System (E-RTMS) from Lagetronix offers a whole range of functionality for managing, monitoring and collecting taxes and revenues for local, state and federal governments. E-RTMS is structured to maximizing taxes and revenues, collected against government operating expenses and ensure compliance with relevant tax laws by individuals and corporations in a transparent manner bereft of usual government bureaucracy. Implementation of e-RTMS enables government to: significantly increase their internally generated revenue.


   Lower significantly tax administration cost.
   Improve tax agency customer response
   Increase transparency and accountability by government

Key Features

   Personal Income
   Tax Property
   Tax Road
   Taxes Withholding
   Tax Levies, Penalties, Interests & Miscellaneous
   Tax Dealer Module
   Bank Interface
   Public Interface (Web, SMS, & IVR) 

Support And Maintenance Services

At Lagetronix, Our maintenance and support service team provides our clients with enhancements for technology improvements. We operate on a dedicated customer support with outmost integrity, We do not only offer you the best solution, but make sure your needs are met at all times and that your satisfaction remains at the highest level. Some of the key maintenance support services include:  

Sage ERP X3 Sage CRM PBX System Support services Networking infastructure
Utility billing system HR Management system Web site design & Web hosting Software development  ICT solution development